8 Ways Being Beyonce Is the Greatest Thing in the World

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Bow down!
If you've ever doubted that being Beyonce must be just amazing, all you need to do is take one look at this Vine of Queen Bey thanking Whoopi Goldberg on The View for calling her Beyonce:
Yep, that's exactly how we would respond if we were Beyonce! Here are 8 reasons why being Yonce has to be the best thing ever.
1. She puts family first:
2. She had legendary performances:
3. She's in charge of her own professional career:
4. She's got some of the most devoted fans in the world:
5. She's already a living legend:
6. Not to mention her and Jay Z together is basically everything:
7. There's a category on Jeopardy devoted to her:
8. Oh, and she loves the hell out of her daughter Blue Ivy too: