This is How Kanye West Dressed in 2003 (And It Was the Greatest He's Ever Dressed)

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Before Yeezus, he was Reese'us!
A rare video has surfaced of critically acclaimed rapper and now noted fashion designer Kanye West rapping an early version of his hit song 'Gold Digger' before the release of The College Dropout, with "All Of Me" musician John Legend on keys.
WARNING: The video contains NSFW and objectionable lyrics. Honestly, if you want to skip it, what we're really here to to talk about is his adorably dorky clothes.
We're sorry Kanye, we're gonna let you finish, but your 2003 style choices were the greatest style choices of all time!
As one YouTube commenter brilliantly pointed out:
Not to be so hard on Kanye, all of us made some ridiculous fashion decisions back in the day (we'd show you our 2003 style pics but who even cares who we are?), but there's just something so adorable that this guy:
Is the one wearing this silly orange ball cap.
The guy who told "So many people told me that it had to have logos or it had to have this, but I fought for exactly what I wanted in my closet. I fought for what was true to me."
Is the same guy rapping in a Reese's T-shirt.
This guy:
Was once kicking it in camo cargos!
The Kanye West we know and love:
Was two-strapping it in 2003!
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We love you, Kanye West. Please dress like this again sometime.
Oh by the way, John Legend looked adorable too.