Maddie Ziegler Showcases Her Dance Hands In Sia's New 'Big Girls Cry' Video

Maddie Ziegler didn't need her dancing shoes for her new Sia music video "Big Girls Cry", but she did have her hands full.
In fact, we only see the 12-year-old Dance Moms star's feet once in the outlandish video. With the exception of one shot where Maddie is picked up by a mysterious figure, "Big Girls Cry" solely features the tiny dancer's face and hands -- and she takes jazz hands to a whole new level.

While we don't get to see her impressive moves that we've come to expect, Maddie does get to showcase something else -- her acting abilities. In her third video for Sia, she nails her numerous facial expressions that look fit for an acting exercise more than a music video by a 39-year-old Australian pop star.
While she seems to be the attacker in Sia's controversial video "Elastic Heart," co-starring Shia LaBeouf, in this video there is a moment where Maddie's body parts aren't the only ones in frame. Around the two-minute mark, she begins to be harassed by another pair of adult hands.
At first, it does seem bizarre to have Maddie star in a seemingly dance-less music video, but Sia knew what she was doing.
Check out these faces!
Crazy Happy
I Can't Hear You
Punching Myself
She's Choking Me
What was that?!
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