Taylor Swift Finally Drops Star-Studded 'Bad Blood' Video

Photo: Getty Images
Taylor Swift has outdone herself!
Between nearly a month of hype and a parade of nearly 20 bad-ass besties, Swift finally unveiled the "Bad Blood" music video on Sunday and it's, in a word: Epic.
But don't take our word for it -- watch below.
The high-octane, Joseph Kahn-directed clip kicks off with Ms. Swift and real-life BFF Selena Gomez taking on a bevy of bad guys, before Gomez (AKA Arsyn) goes all traitorous on our heroine.
Enter: Swift's army of avengers, including knife-throwing Zendaya as "Cut-Throat," Lena Dunham as the cigar-chomping "Lucky Fiori," Hailee Steinfeld as "The Trinity," and Karlie Kloss as "Knockout," you know -- to name just a few. Providing the video's lone Y chromosome, Kendrick Lamar appears to throw a few new verses on the remixed track.
From crushing cars, to mega flames, to big-budget weapons (hello, Ellie Goulding with a bazooka!!!) "Bad Blood" feels like it would be more at home in a multi-plex than a computer screen. In fact, we can’t help but see visions of Bad Blood: The Blockbuster in our future.
So, now we just have one question: who is going to cast Swift in their next big-budget action movie?
Cut-Throat herself, aka Zendaya, opened up to ET's Cameron Mathison on the red carpet about her pal Taylor.
"She's just a genius," the 18-year-old said of Swift. "She's so smart. People are going to be blown and are going to be obsessed with [the video]. I don't know how they're going to think about anything else!"
Truer words have never been spoken.
Now, feel free to hit repeat on the video above. For a refresher on the video's star-studded casting, read ET's complete "Who's Who" guide to "Bad Blood" here.
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