Selena Gomez Takes One Sexy Shower in Sultry 'Good For You' Video

by Jackie Willis 10:24 AM PDT, June 26, 2015
Playing Selena Gomez Takes One Sexy Shower in Sultry 'Good For You' Video

Selena Gomez is really showing Justin Bieber what he's missing in her new music video for her song "Good For You."

The 22-year-old singer/actress appears solo on camera, and manages to make every single shot look sexy.

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First she's writhing around on a green couch wearing only her robe.

Photo: Vevo

Then she's taking the sultriest shower we've ever seen.

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Photo: Vevo

Next, we see her with wet hair -- a Pantene promotion? -- and wearing nothing but an oversized, white t-shirt.

Photo: Vevo

Then, she's writhing around again! This time she's on the floor before she works her way to another green couch.

Photo: Vevo

"I'm so happy to finally share the official video for 'Good For You' featuring the initial stripped down version of the song!" Gomez Instagrammed, calling attention to the fact that A$AP Rocky is not featured in this version. "I hope you enjoy it!"

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