Miley Cyrus Had a Wild 24 Hours on Instagram

Miley Cyrus proclaimed that "life is about balance" in a yoga Instagram pic on Thursday, adding the hashtags "#party #yoga #veggies #partyharder #moreyoga #moreveggies."

After her moment of zen, Miley went wild, documenting her good time over the next 24 hours in a series of wild shots.
The pop star showed off her "wainbow nails" by flicking off the camera...
...and posted a trippy pic of herself covered in sprinkles, with hot pink lips for eyes, because art.
Cyrus also got her hair done, "right" and "tight"...
…."put n werk" on what appears to be a joint….
….and showed off her "pitz & titz" in a modeling pose.

TGIF, indeed.