Meghan Trainor Says She Had a 'Drunk Make Out' With Charlie Puth Prior to AMAs Kiss

Photo: Getty Images
Did Meghan Trainor get it on with her "Marvin Gaye" collaborator, Charlie Puth?
The two made headlines in November when they had a handsy make out session onstage at the American Music Awards, but Trainor says that wasn't the first time she locked lips with the 24-year-old singer.
The 22-year-old pop star tells Seventeen magazine that they shared an intimate moment while recording. "Probably one drunk make out," she admits. "I don't know if he's going to be mad I said that!"

Trainor recalls, "We were next to each other, recording a duet, and then I think I kissed him. It was cool."
The "All About That Bass" singer is quick to add that it never went any further than a kiss with Puth. "And then we never did it again. Ever," she says. "When we'd hang out, it would be like buddies."
Photo: Seventeen
Last October, Trainor admitted to ET that her career can oftentimes hurt her in the love department.
"Even without the fame, if I walk into a room -- I kind of have that personality where I just take over the room," she said. "I'm like, 'Hey! M-Train's here! What's up!' Which is very intimidating for guys alone, and then on top of [that] being a pop star -- I get it. I don't think they're less interested, I think they're just intimidated."
She added, "It's fine, I'll wait for him. [I'm looking for] someone who's a gentleman, someone who opens that door. A dude pulled out a chair for me the other day and I was like, 'Whoa! OK, nice!' That's new for me. I liked it. And if they're funny, that's awesome."