Gwen Stefani Debuts Gorgeous 'Misery' Music Video: See All Her Amazing Looks!

by Antoinette Bueno 9:21 AM PDT, May 31, 2016
Playing Gwen Stefani Debuts Gorgeous 'Misery' Music Video: See All Her Amazing Looks!

Gwen Stefani took her fashion game to the next level with her music video for her new single, "Misery," which she dropped on Tuesday.

The 46-year-old singer looks incredible in a series of high-fashion looks for the song -- which some fans are speculating is about her relationship with Blake Shelton -- including two hard-to-pull-off headpieces.

Photo: Vevo

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Photo: Vevo

Stefani also rocks two ballet-inspired outfits, including a belted pink tulle creation, and an embroidered nude bodysuit.

Photo: Vevo
Photo: Vevo

Of course, the "Used to Love You" singer had to show off her gorgeous gams as well, sporting a pair of dazzling lace-up knee-high boots.

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But the most stunning look has to be her red, lingerie-inspired sheer dress, which she saved for last.

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#Misery music video. Tues May 31st. #ThisIsWhatTheTruthFeelsLike

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"You're like drugs, you're like drugs to me," Stefani sings. "I'm so into you totally ... So put me out of my misery, hurry up, come see me."

It’s not hard to see why some are speculating that Stefani's new single is about her country star beau, given the timing -- the song was released four months after she confirmed she was dating Shelton.

"It's here!!!!!! @gwenstefani 'Misery' video!!!" he excitedly tweeted in support of his girlfriend on Tuesday.

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"I just like being with her, but when she's all dolled up and we go places, it's always fun for me," Shelton told ET exclusively about the always stylish Stefani earlier this month at The Voice finale. "If she was here right now, not one person here would be looking at anybody else but her. It's just cool to know that's who I came here with. .... They may come up and talk to me, but it's only because I'm one person over from her. Pretty cool."

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