'Stranger Things' Newly-Released Soundtrack Is Full of the Spooky, Eighties Jams You Needed -- Listen!

Photo: Netflix
Stranger Things is that rare show where the background music deserves your full attention.
Netflix released part one of the soundtrack, Stranger Things, Vol. 1, on Friday. It features the eighties-inspired, ambient music scored by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, of the Austin, Texas, band S U R V I V E, who somehow captured the eerie nostalgia and wonder that made the breakout sci-fi series basically impossible not to binge-watch.
Our personal song recommendations include "Kids," "She'll Kill You," (both of which are straight-up bangers), "Eleven" -- the titular track for the series' badass child protagonist -- "This Isn't You," and "Nancy and Barb," if only because #BarbDeservedBetter.

Part one of the soundtrack is available on Apple Music now, and part two will be released on Aug. 19.
You can check it out below:
Sure, it might seem weird adding a show soundtrack to your playlist -- especially with Britney Spears back on the scene -- but the songs makes a great accompaniment for your daily routine/commute home/terror-filled trips to the Upside Down world.
Just be careful not to get lost in it...