Watch Drake and Tyra Banks Argue at Cheesecake Factory In 'Childs Play' Music Video

Who argues over cheesecake?
Tyra Banks does, in Drake's new music video for "Childs Play." The 42-year-old model plays the 29-year-old rapper's love interest and things quickly go south during their night out at the Cheesecake Factory.
In the video, Banks reaches her boiling point after going through Drizzy's phone while he's in the bathroom (lesson: never leave your phone unlocked). Drake ends up with cheesecake and red wine on his face, but closes the night out with a little strip club action.
"Childs Play" gets a little messy but in real life, Drake’s rekindled relationship with Rihanna seems to be going great. Watch Rih Rih gush over Drake in the video below.