Justin Bieber Gives a Tour Of His Yard and Plays One-on-One Basketball -- Watch!

When you're Justin Bieber, home is like it's own vacation!
The "Sorry" singer invited BBC Radio 1 to his Los Angeles home for a mini-tour of the estate, complete with a pool, water slide and (very big) fish pond to take out his boats out on.
"There's a lot of fish in here so I go bass fishing," Bieber shared, noting that he's happy with his home base.
"It's kind of homey right?" the 22-year-old singer suggested.
Watch the whole tour below, which includes a pick-up basketball game between the Biebs and his interviewer.
Say what you will about Bieber, his basketball shot is on point! The singer also showcased his vocal skills for the BBC, covering Tracey Chapman’s “Fast Car” and Tupac’s “Thugz Mansion.”
Watch the video below to see Bieber's adorable look-alike mini-me brother.