Kanye West Deals With a Fan Trying to Climb 'Saint Pablo Tour' Floating Stage With Wave Of His Hand

Photo: Getty/Twitter
Kanye West doesn't want anyone else on his stage!
The 39-year-old rapper, whose floating platform has been the signature set-piece of his Saint Pablo Tour, dealt with a fan somehow trying to raise himself onto the stage at the Atlanta, Georgia, show.
As seen in a Twitter video from the concert, West approaches the climber during the song, "Power," and shoo's him with a wave of his hand, before the eager fan falls back into the crowd below.
Hopefully that guy is OK!
Meanwhile, West also seemingly addressed criticisms of his recent Yeezy Season 4 fashion show in NYC last week, which was plagued by heat and model shoe malfunctions.
"I die on the internet every day for y’all," West said in an emotional speech between songs. "I look stupid so y’all don’t have to be afraid. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes."
(Some NSFW language in the videos below).
The sentimental speech comes after West directly addressed the fashion show criticism at his Washington D.C. show on Sept. 8.
"Today, I needed to hear these songs," West admitted to his fans. "I'm talking about the fashion show yesterday."
"I'm feeling like the Cavs right now," the rapper explained. "When you the LeBron, if you don't bring home that ring, it's your fault."
Watch the video below for more on Yeezy Season 4.