Halle Berry Makes an Unexpected Cameo on Bruno Mars' '24K Magic' Album

Photo: Getty Images
Bruno Mars' new album,24K Magic, dropped on Friday, and Halle Berry fans are in for a treat. The ageless actress appears on the track "Calling All My Lovelies," in which Mars reaches her voicemail and she blows a kiss.
"Hi, you've reached Halle Berry," Berry says. "Sorry, I can't get to the phone right now, but if you leave your name and number, I'll get right back to you."
It's a busy time for 31-year-old Mars, who announced a massive tour supporting his new album on Tuesday. The 24K Magic World Tour will have the singer playing over 85 shows across the globe, and marks his first full-length tour since his Moonshine Jungle World Tour in 2013.
The GRAMMY-winning artist is also appearing on CBS' 60 Minutes this Sunday, in which he opens up about his humble childhood home in Hawaii -- a one-room building in a park that's now grown-over by plants and missing a roof. Despite living in poverty, Mars insists his memories from growing up are "the best."
"We had it all. We had each other," he explains about his close-knit family. "It's OK, we don't have electric today. We're gonna figure it out.
"Maybe that's why I have this mentality when it comes to the music," he muses. "I'm gonna figure it out."
And it's safe to say he's done more than "figure it out." Mars is now one of the most sought-after artists in the industry, and earlier this month, ET exclusively confirmed that he's performing at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show this year in Paris.
Watch below: