Nick Jonas Created New Music In His Sleep Like a Boss

Photo: Getty Images
If you've ever wondered if Nick Jonas was the kind of artist to make music whenever this spirit struck him, rest assured, he's ready to follow his muse -- even in the dead of night.
The "Jealous" singer took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a contemplative black-and-white snapshot of himself sitting in front of a sound board, along with a glass of red wine.
"Called some friends up last night. Told them I woke up inspired... and that I needed their help to bring the music I was hearing in my head to life," Jonas wrote in the caption. "This incredible group of musicians did just that."

Jonas, 24, who said that he enjoyed the glass of wine while he "listened to what we made," didn't elaborate on which of his talented friends came out to help him create new art at a moment's notice, but it's a sure bet we'll all learn soon enough.
Recently, Jonas took to Instagram to show off his super-buff arms, which he's been building up for his role on third season of the boxing drama, Kingdom. Check out the video below to see more.