Drake Calls Rihanna 'The Queen' During Concert, Says Her Music 'Makes Women Feel Good About Themselves'

It feels like Drake will always have a soft spot for Rihanna.
Despite their breakup last year -- and very up-and-down relationship over the years -- the One Dance singer showered his one collaborator with praise and adoration during a recent show.
"You played two Rihanna records, that [unclear], she's like the queen of everything," the 30-year-old rapper told fans. "If you want women to feel good about themselves ... That's what you gotta do, you gotta play the RiRi records."
It's hard to imagine a shout-out like that not bringing a smile to Rihanna's face!
The RiRi love comes as Drake also seems to have reconnected with friend Nicki Minaj, after his feud with the rapper's former boyfriend last year drove a wedge between the two songwriters.

Meanwhile, Drake's shout-out is only made all the more interesting that the "Rude Boy" singer recently unfollowed him AND Jennifer Lopez on Instagram, as the two have been spotted out getting close lately.
Watch the video below for how J.Lo is feeling about Drake.