Drake Admits to Drunk Texting Jennifer Lopez on New Album 'More Life,' Removes Her Vocals After Split

The remnants of Drake's fling with Jennifer Lopez are all over the artist's new album!
More Life dropped on Saturday, and on the opening track, "Free Smoke," the 30-year-old Toronto rapper admits in one bar, "I drunk text J.Lo, old number so it bounce back."
The two songwriters had a fling beginning late last year that fizzled by the beginning of February due to their busy schedules, a source previously told ET. Nonetheless, Drake still included a sample of his 47-year-old former flame's 1999 hit, "If You Had My Love," on his song, "Teenage Fever."
Of course, what really raised some people's eyebrows was that J.Lo's vocals DIDN'T make the final cut.
While dancing and getting super cozy at a prom-themed party, attendees took note of Lopez's vocals on an at-the-time unreleased collaboration.

But on the album version of the track, titled "Get It Together," the co-singer with Drake is artist Jorja Smith, leading some to believe there's a little shade to be read inside the beat!
Leaving someone off the final cut of a record is a move Drake has pulled before. In a recent interview, Drake commented on his rumored feud with Kanye West, as well as explained the Life of Pablo rapper and Jay Z's exclusion from the final cut of his last album, Views -- a move which reportedly upset West.
"I was dealing directly with 'Ye. That's the version that he sent me," Drake shared, referring to the version of the song with Jay Z and Kanye, credited as "The Throne." "I was excited, obviously anyone would be excited to see them link back up."
"Next thing I knew it just became a bit of an issue," he added, not going into specifics. "I don't waste too much time ... I'll just go through with the song, and put forward my own version."
"Both versions exist," Drake acknowledged. "When Kanye comes out to do it at the shows, it goes crazy ... He was pretty upset. At that time, we were working together pretty heavy. And he wanted to be on the record."
And it seems the two are OK now, as West is featured on More Life on the song, "Glow."
Check out more of his album below (NSFW lyrics).
Meanwhile, Lopez has moved on with retired baseball player, Alex Rodriguez!
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