Miley Cyrus Laughs at Her 'Hannah Montana' Audition Tape: I Was 'a Little Controversial From the Beginning'

Miley Cyrus has grown and evolved quite a bit since her days on Hannah Montana, but the 24-year-old pop star can still look back with a smile.
Cyrus stopped by Radio Disney on Thursday, and surprised with a video of her audition tape for the Disney Channel show from over 11 years ago.
"My T-shirt says, 'I Should Have My Own TV Show,'" Cyrus noted of her audition tape ensemble, before lip-syncing along with her younger self.
In the tape, Cyrus can be heard singing her tune "Beach Weekend," which included the lyric, "Trying out our brand new bikini. Maybe drive a few boys crazy."
Cyrus laughed listening to the line, quipping, "[I was] always a little controversial, from the beginning."
The "Malibu" singer also got a kick out of her 12-year-old self's response when one of the producers in the audition room asked if she'd already been signed to a music label. Cyrus confidently declared, "No, but it is going to happen!"
Cyrus ended up starring in the popular Disney Channel series from 2006 to 2011.
Just this week, she released a new song, "Malibu," that she says is about her longtime fiancé, Liam Hemsworth. Hear more from Cyrus about her upcoming music and her influences below: