Nicki Minaj and Joe Jonas Get Steamy in New 'Kissing Strangers' Music Video -- Watch!

Na Na Na, Na Na Na, Na Nicki Minaj!
The "No Frauds" rapper stars alongside Joe Jonas in the new video for DNCE's infectious "Kissing Strangers" song, where the two pop stars make like the title, and have a super hot and heavy moment!
Right before the last chorus, Minaj pulls Jonas up close, and the camera cuts away JUST before the two lock lips, which would undoubtedly spawn shipping rumors for days.
Watch the video below.
In the real world, Minaj recently had an actual steamy moment with rapper Nas, after the 34-year-old artist shared a picture of the two to Instagram that looked super intimate, and sparked major dating rumors!

Good gosh, let Nasi Minaj be a thing.
Meanwhile, Minaj being the video champion she is, recently spilled some secrets to ET from her "Regret in Your Tears" music video.
Watch the video below to see what she said!