'Stan' Added to the Oxford English Dictionary Thanks to Eminem's Iconic 2000 Song

Photo: YouTube
Welcome to the dictionary, Stan.
The proper noun was formally added to the Oxford English Dictionary this week, after circulating in music fandom for years, thanks to the classic Eminem (feat. Dido) song, "Stan," a six-minute, incredibly dark story about a an obsessed fan of the rapper who takes his passion to increasingly disturbing levels.
Defined as "an overzealous or obsessive fan of a particular celebrity," the word can be employed both as a noun (as in "Nicki Minaj has so many stans.") and a verb (as in "He stans for Kanye West."), both of which Oxford recognizes.
Photo: Oxford Dictionaries
Eminem has yet to respond to his lyrical body of work literally changing the English language, but we can only imagine he'd be proud of the impact he's had.
Of course, not as proud as he is of Hailie Mathers! Eminem's daughter, who he has often rapped about during his career, turned 21 last December and is building quite a following of her own on social media.
Watch the video below to see her all grown up.