Eminem Raps One of 50 Cent's '8 Mile' Verses for His 42nd Birthday -- Watch!

Go 50, it's ya birthday!
For 50 Cent's 42nd birthday on Thursday, Eminem sent his longtime friend and collaborator a throwback to their 8 Mile days, spitting a verse of 50's from the film's soundtrack that Em said was so good, it "made me wanna quit rapping."
"Thank you @eminem you know your still the best in the world 🌎 to me man," 50 Cent captioned the video. "I love you bro."
For the birthday tribute, Eminem went for none other than 50's incredible verse on the song, "Places to Go."
Watch below for the birthday bars!

Happy birthday, 50 Cent!
While the two rappers go way back, one new addition to Eminem's life has to be his recent bearded look.
Watch the video below for the 44-year-old rapper's fresh facial hair that's blowing everyone's mind.