EXCLUSIVE: Go Behind The Scenes of Shawn Mendes' 'Real and Organic' First Fragrance Campaign

Shawn Mendes fans, brace yourselves!
The singer, who turns 19 next week, has just unveiled his first fragrance, Shawn Mendes Signature, and only ET has your exclusive look at the singer’s personal, behind-the-scenes campaign. Now, it’s not your traditional commercial – it’s much more special – as in it's shot “day in the life” style. Go ahead and check out the video above to see for yourself.
Shawn tells ET he opted to shoot the campaign for a whole day in hopes of capturing “little segments” of his life on the road – and to keep it “as real and organic” as possible.
“Instead of shooting a big staged ad campaign, it just felt right to have someone help bring the fragrance to life through my everyday life, and to be able to use this campaign to give people a bit more of a look into what drives me every day,” he tells ET.
The “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back” crooner also reveals why he chose to make his first fragrance unisex.
“I wanted to create a scent that all of my fans can relate to and love to wear. I think a really timeless scent doesn’t have to be overly masculine or feminine – so this felt like the perfect balance.”
It’s that same sentiment that inspired his first-ever scent.
“I knew when making my fragrance that I wanted to do something different and unique. I wanted to make something for all of my fans that really represents the relationship I have with them, and that also fits in line with the authenticity that I strive for when making my music,” he shares.
Shawn created the fragrance while on the road – and says he wanted the fragrance to connect fans to that part of his life.
“I wanted to make sure that because I was releasing a fragrance it was very representative of me and where I am right now in my career. And you know we were on tour, in the middle of tour, designing the packaging and the scent, and I wanted to make sure that fans kind of felt that.”