Exclusive: Witness Heard Natalie Wood Screaming

Hollywood was rocked this week by the revelation that the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department was taking another look at the 1981 death of movie star Natalie Wood, who drowned while boating off Catalina Island. The case was reopened after new information about that night was brought to authorities.
This afternoon, Entertainment Tonight exclusively spoke with Marilyn Wayne -- a guest on an adjacent yacht, roughly 90 feet from Wood's -- who revealed shocking new details about the night in question.
Wayne told ET’s Samantha Harris, "We heard this female voice yelling for help. 'Somebody help me, I'm drowning! Please somebody help me, I'm drowning.'"
Even more startling is Wayne's admission that they heard Wood screaming for 25 minutes but could not locate her in the dark water.
Earlier today, Dennis Davern, captain of the boat that carried Natalie Wood on the night she died, told ET that he was unable to hear any cries for help on that fateful night. "I didn't hear her cries for help because I was on the bridge of the boat and I had music going," Davern said.
For more of Marilyn Wayne’s exclusive interview, tune in to Entertainment Tonight this Monday.