Stars Pay Homage to Whitney Houston at Grammys

On a night of celebration of music and its achievements, artists took a moment to reflect upon Whitney Houston and her contributions to the music industry and how she impacted their lives.
"I was in kindergarten and they asked me what I wanted to be," singer Michelle Rowland recounted. "I said, 'I want to be just like Whitney Houston and sing with a red dress on.'"
Amid the tragic news, stars debated whether or not it was appropriate for them to go to Grammys parties and festivities.
However, Grammys host LL Cool J said that while a tribute to Houston went without saying, he and Grammys staff wanted to keep the show lively.
"There was never any question about whether or not we should do something," Cool J said. "It was [about] how do we do this thing and not lay a damper on the evening."
Check out the full video clip above for the stars' reactions to the late Whitney Houston.