First Lady Michelle Obama's Guilty Pleasure

ET met up with First Lady Michelle Obama in light of the second anniversary of a campaign that she created called Let's Move! that is dedicated to ending childhood obesity, and discovered Mrs. Obama's personal fitness plan and even found out what her guilty pleasure is.
"French fries," the First Lady revealed as her food guilty pleasure. "[I] love French Fries. More so than sweets…That's one thing we talk about with Let's Move!—that it's about balance and moderation."
The First Lady became passionate about the subject of children's health when she realized that her own children weren't on the right course health-wise.
"As a working mother before becoming the First Lady, I think I struggled with many of the issues that most families do," Mrs. Obama admitted. "You work a lot, you're busy, you're [ordering] takeout more than you should…and lo and behold all of a sudden you find out that you're kids aren't where they need to be health-wise."
After coming to that revelation, the First Lady wanted to create a platform on which childhood heath could be put in the spotlight, and then took the initiative to use her influence as the First Lady to spread awareness by creating Let's Move!.
Check out the full interview above in which Mrs. Obama talks about how she stays fit during her bustling life as First Lady and what her romance with President Barack Obama is like.