Jay Leno's Edible Favorite Oscars Memory

ET caught up with the stars who attended Vanity Fair's Academy Awards party Sunday night, including late-night host Jay Leno, who revealed his favorite Oscars memory—which involved a food truck.
"Last year when the In-N-Out Burger truck was here," Leno stated as his favorite Oscars moment. "That was fantastic because you never get enough to eat at these things, then you come outside and the In-N-Out truck is here," Leno added as his wife assured us that he wasn't joking despite the comical nature of it all.
Actor and comedian Martin Short also divulged his favorite Oscars moment, recalling last year's V.F. Oscars party when he met Mick Jagger for the first time and shared a conversation with him over a few drinks.
Also in attendance was Mad Men's Jon Hamm, who expressed excitement for the much-anticipated return of the critically acclaimed television drama, and also divulged a possible future favorite Oscars moment that involves streaking.