Emily Blunt Explains Hooking Dog While 'Fishing'

Last night at the U.S. premiere for her film Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, Emily Blunt explained to ET exactly what happened when she hooked Ewan McGregor's dog while fly fishing.
"I didn't even want to fish," Blunt revealed. "[Ewan] and Amr persuaded me, and on my first cast…hooked the dog. He was fine. It was in his fur, thank God."
Blunt's mishap didn't shy her away from fly fishing, though, as she found the experience beautiful when there "weren't any dogs to hook."
The 29-year-old British actress depicted Salmon Fishing as a love story between her and McGregor's character set to the "ludicrous background of [the two] trying to introduce salmon fishing to the Yemen, which is seemingly impossible."
Blunt assessed the plot as being indicative of the film's overall theme of "impossible, unthinkable things being actually made possible."
As for the film's unique title, McGregor, who plays a socially repressed scientist in the film, said that it amply represents the movie as a whole.
"I think the title's very good for the film because it's not the run-of-the-mill romantic comedy," the Scottish actor said. "It's a really lovely film."
Salmon Fishing in the Yemen will be in theaters in the U.S. this Friday (Mar. 9).