Robin Gibb Set to Perform After 'Beating Cancer'

Getty Images
Former Bee Gees singer Robin Gibb will return to the stage next month to perform a new classical composition after telling a British newspaper he is "beating cancer."
Gibb wrote on his personal blog that he'll perform his Titanic Requiem -- a tribute to victims of the Titanic disaster --  during a concert in London on April 10. The composition commemorates the April 1912 sinking of the Titanic that killed more than 1,500 people. 
The 62-year-old Gibb was hospitalized late last year for stomach and colon problems, but told the BBC early last month that he had made a "spectacular" recovery and was putting on weight after a serious illness during which his colon had to be removed. But the singer recently told Britain's Sunday Mirror, "I am beating cancer and I can't wait to carry on with my work." 
Gibb was also quoted as saying that his wife deserved a lot of credit for helping with his recovery. "I could not have done it without Dwina. She has never left my side and is a wonderful person," he told the Mirror.