Dick Van Dyke Marries 40-year-old Girlfriend

Getty Images
Legendary actor Dick Van Dyke has married his make-up artist Arlene Silver, the 86-year-old actor recently revealed.
Dyke wed Silver on Leap Day after six years of dating, telling Rumorfix he's found "the perfect one" in Arlene who is 46 years his junior.
The newlyweds decided to take the plunge "on the spur of the moment," confessing they "just decided Leap Day would be the best time to do it."
Dyke met his bride-to-be at the 2006 SAG Awards, telling the website that the moment he laid eyes on Arlene, he was "bowled over" by her beauty.
"The last couple of years we kind of fell in love," he beamed. "She keeps up with me."