Tori Spelling Dishes on Pregnancy & New Show

Getty Images
Now in her fourth pregnancy and revving up for the premiere of her new reality show, Tori Spelling is a lot of things, but exhausted is not one of them.
"This is actually the best pregnancy I've had so far out of all of them," Spelling tells People. "Knock on wood. [I have] no morning sickness and I have energy. [It's the] total opposite than the other three."
Spelling's new TV gig, TLC's Craft Wars, features three regular people competing in two rounds of crafting projects.
The show found the perfect host, as Spelling describes her family as "crafty."
"[My husband] Dean [McDermott] is the builder in our family," Spelling says. "He's amazing at building things and painting them, and then I decorate them. We are a great team."
Craft Wars premieres June 26.