Disco King KC on Losing His 'Sister' Donna Summer

KC of KC and the Sunshine Band (real name Harry Wayne Casey) remembered his deceased colleague Donna Summer in a touching interview today with ET.
KC revealed that he just spent time with Summer a few months ago, but, as Summer tended to protect her privacy, everything seemed fine.
"She looked great," KC said, admitting that he was shocked to hear that she had passed away after a battle with lung cancer. "I'm sure if there was anything going on, she wasn't about to share it with anybody outside of her immediate family."
Summer was diagnosed with the disease 10 months ago and told only her husband and children.
KC described Summer as an unusually warm presence in an industry where cold hearts prevail.
"She was my sister in music," said KC. "I'm going to miss just being able to say hello to her ... She will never ever be forgotten."
KC and Summer became stars at Casablanca Records, leaving an indelible mark on the music industry through disco. Cher, KISS and The Village People also did business with Casablanca.