Elle MacPherson's Personal Environmental Victory

Getty Images
Today the US Senate voted to keep in place the EPA's new Mercury and Air Toxic Standards, and supermodel Elle Macpherson helped play a part in the victory for American families, writing an eye-opening editorial piece to CNN to help bring awareness to the issue.
The landmark protection standards set under the Obama administration were in jeopardy of being overturned in congress, prompting the Aussie beauty/environmental activist mom to take action.
Elle wrote in part, "Although I do my best to be sure my two sons grow up healthy, strong, independent and responsible, I cannot control what is in the air they breathe. Right now, millions of kids across this country breathe in pollution pumped into the air by coal-fired power plants. This can impair a child's development and cause asthma attacks, the No. 1 reason kids miss school. These plants are also the largest source of mercury, a potent brain poison that is linked to severe learning disabilities, developmental problems, and lower IQs."
The clean energy advocate and Sierra Club activist pointed out that mercury from coal-fired power plants rains down into our rivers, streams and oceans, where it can contaminate the fish we eat: "Because fish is a dietary staple for my family, this is a huge personal concern, but every family deserves the right to eat safe, healthy fish without worrying about toxic mercury."
The EPA's new Mercury and Air Toxic Standards will also limit the amount of arsenic, chronium and other cancer-causing chemicals polluting our air and water. Elle concluded her plea with some clean energy solutions and the declaration, "Congress has the opportunity to be a part of the solution. It can protect our children's health and our air and water. There's no more important job than that."
For more info check out www.beyondcoal.org or www.sierraclub.org.