Nicole & Krysten Learn to Ride the Waves

Nicole Scherzinger and Krysten Ritter were both in Cabo, Mexico this July 4th to attend Oakley's Learn to Ride surfing event, where the ladies impressively caught some waves together!
Nicole and Krysten braved the waves with one-on-one surfing lessons from Oakley surfer Luke Walsh and his big-wave surfer brother Ian Walsh, with first-timer Krysten getting some extra special help from her boyfriend, actor Brian Geraghty, himself a skilled surfer.
While Nicole, who's part Hawaiian, seemed to be a natural on the board, Krysten predictably needed a little bit more help!
"I'm excited to try," a nervous Krysten says before heading out into the water. "I'm pretty competitive so I'm hoping I can do it. I've never been on a board ... I've boogie-boarded -- totally different thing!"
Check out the video to see the ladies get their surf on.