Jay-Z: I Could Definitely Take Obama in B-Ball

One of entertainment mogul Jay-Z's latest projects was executive producing and recording the soundtrack for the new video game NBA 2K13.
ET Canada's Matte Babel caught up with the rapper at a launch party at New York's 40/40 club, where Jay-Z revealed that he used to be quite the baller in real life when he took to the court. 
He said he's also a gamer when he gets the chance, but he still decided to read the full directions for NBA 2K13 before he took hold of the controllers. The game will be available October 2 in North America and on October 5 nternationally for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PSP system, Wii system and Windows PC.
When asked about his friendship with President Barack Obama, Jay-Z revealed that while he hasn't yet had a chance to play basketball with the commander-in-chief, there's no doubt who would come out on top. "I could take Obama, let me be honest." He even said the challenge court become a reality. "I know that's going to come back -- he's going to want to play now next time I see him, and he's all fit."
Watch the video to also hear Jay-Z talk about being a new father to his baby daughter with Beyonce, Blue Ivy Carter.