Remains of Jenni Rivera Turned Over to Family

Getty Images
The remains of Mexican-American superstar Jenni Rivera have been returned to her family after she was killed in a plane crash on Sunday. 
A government spokesman confirmed to CNN on Thursday that the 43-year-old star's remains were identified and turned over to family members. The remains of Rivera's publicist and the plane's co-pilot have also been identified, said the spokesman for Mexico's Nuevo Leon state.
Investigators have said the plane carrying Rivera and six other people plummeted nose-first, 28,000 feet in just 30 seconds, spreading the wreckage over large area of mountainside near Iturbide, Mexico.
Fans have been mourning the loss of Rivera, but no funeral plans have been announced. 
Rivera -- one of Latin America's biggest stars with more than 20 million in album sales-- had been a featured coach on The Voice Mexico. A California native and mother of five, the singer earned several Latin Grammy nominations and recently signed on to star in an American sitcom with ABC titled Jenni.