Jessica Simpson on Surpassing 50 Pound Weight Loss

Jessica Simpson is debuting a brand new commercial for Weight Watchers that reveals her incredible 50 lb+ weight loss after her pregnancy and she spoke to ET about how she was able to get back her pre-baby body. 
"I went over my 50 pound mark, and that day for me was one of the best days I've had in a really long time -- maybe of the year other than having my child -- but yeah, that was a great day," the singer/actress said.
She added: "Our leader Liz gave me the 50 pounds to pick up -- it was in dog food -- and I could barely pick it up. I couldn't believe I was carrying that around on my body. It was amazing."
Simpson said the dreaded weigh-ins often had her nervous during her dramatic weight loss experience. "There have been moments where my heart has been pounding, like oh my god, oh my god, I hope this is what I am expecting it to be."
During our interview, she also offers wardrobe tips to women facing similar challenges that are based on her billion dollar fashion empire. "I know people wear a lot of baggy stuff when they don't feel good about themselves. But I say 'belt the baggy' -- it makes you look thinner, I promise you, even if you don't feel that way," she said. "I would show off my legs if I didn't feel so great about my upper body. There are ways to show off what you are proud of," she added.