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What Breaks Jessica

What Breaks Jessica's Heart About Motherhood


January 04, 2013

Jessica Simpson gets real about the challenges of motherhood in a new interview with People, in particular, finding the balance between her career and the responsibilities of being a new mother.

"On some of the days of Fashion Star, I'm awake before [my daughter Maxwell] is awake, and I'm not home until she's already back to sleep," she admits. "That's only happened about four times, but it makes the day awful. I definitely need to see my baby."

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"I get really sad if I don't get to see her," she adds. "And then when Maxwell sees me, she just stares at me and touches my face. I can tell she missed me. That breaks my heart."

Jessica is also honest about the new fears she's developed.

"There are little things that you kind of obsess over. I never knew how protective I was until I had my own child. I'm already thinking about intruders coming into the house and what our escape route would be."

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But perhaps most noticeably, the new role in her life has changed her signature style -- though she can still clearly have a little fun with it.

"I find myself going for more sophisticated looks, but I do think that's kind of trendy right now – just a classier looking woman," she muses. "I love to show off my curves, but being a mom, I guess I do it in a little bit more classy way, even though for Halloween I was a milkmaid –- but there are moments."


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