Demi: I Steal a Pillow From Every Hotel I Stay At

Comfort is key for Demi Lovato, who is infamous for carrying pillows everywhere while on tour, but the singer admits that her relaxation comes at a price she isn't exactly willing to foot the bill for.
In an interview set to air Monday, May 13, Demi confesses to Ellen DeGeneres that everytime she checks out of a hotel, she takes a comfy souvenir with her.
"I steal. I take a pillow from the hotel I am staying at," revealed Demi who, out of consideration, always replenishes the bed with a pillow taken from a previous hotel when she leaves.
Hoping to curb Demi's urge to pilfer pillows, Ellen gifts the 20-year-old star with a unique, Ellen-styled bedfellow impossible to leave behind.
Click the video above for a sneak peek!
You can catch Demi's interview (as well as a performance of her newest single Heart Attack) on Monday's Ellen. Check your local listings.