Josh Duhamel Like You've Never Seen Him Before

Josh Duhamel takes a departure from his usual heartthrob roles in the upcoming independent film Strings and he told ET Canada why the move is just what the doctor ordered.
"There is no love interest," said the 40-year-old Transformers star. "It's a great supporting part."
Josh appears opposite Maria Bello and Laura Dern in the film, playing a counselor to a drug-addled DJ (played by Lucas Till).
"It was really awesome that somebody believed I could play a counselor. I said 'Really! You think me? I shouldn't be counseling anybody,'" he joked before adding, "It's nice to be able to do things outside of what people [normally] see you as."
As much as he's enjoying this current part, Josh will be putting his career on the back burner for a bit as he approaches the arrival of his son with wife Fergie.
"I plan on taking as much time as I can off just before and as much time as possible after," he told ET Canada. "I can't imagine having a kid and then not being able to be there, that would just drive me crazy."
Watch the video for more. Strings opens May 2, 2014.