Exclusive: An 'Extreme Weight Loss' Star Proposes!

After shedding nearly half his body weight with the help of trainer Chris Powell on Tuesday's episode of Extreme Weight Loss, 32-year-old Mehrbod Mohammadi gained the confidence to propose to the love of his life, Mona, and ET cameras were there to capture the emotional moment!
Formerly 434 pounds, the now-slim music producer and DJ, devised a plan to pop the question with the help of our correspondent Rocsi Diaz, and the reaction was priceless.
Responding with shock and shrieks of surprise, Mona said "yes," and her smitten, soon-to-be husband, who explained to ET why he was committed to making the petite brunette his partner for life.
"She chose to be with me when I was mortally obese, and she loved me for who I was," he smiled through happy tears. "That made me want to get healthy for the rest of my life so I could be there for her, because going the route I was, I wouldn't have made it to 40."
Click the video to see the emotional proposal!
Extreme Weight Loss airs Tuesdays on ABC.