Bynes' Parents Move to Control Her Finances

Troubled star Amanda Bynes will be staying an additional two weeks in the psychiatric ward, as her parents are meeting now with attorneys to move forward to take control over Bynes' overall well-being and finances, Jonathan Jaxson, Bynes' former publicist and friend tells ET.
According to Jaxson, Bynes' parents were called in by the doctor currently seeing Bynes.
The move -- which appears to be a push for conservatorship -- comes after months of erratic behavior from the She's the Man star, who was placed on a 5150 hold by police Monday night (involuntary psychiatric hold) and was taken for mental evaluation.
According to Ventura County Sheriff public information officer Captain Don Aguilar, she was involved in a disturbance at a residential area in the 200 block of Avenida de Los Arboles, in Thousand Oaks, Calif. Deputies responded and held her on a 5150 welfare and institutions code.
The 911 call involving Bynes came in at 8:38 p.m. Monday night, reporting a fire in the driveway of a house. The Ventura County Fire Department responded.
Bynes' latest headlines surrounding her increasingly bizarre behavior include reportedly trespassing at a retirement community on July 19, and reportedly getting thrown out of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in New York City after allegedly smoking weed and making a staffer cry by telling her she was "too ugly" to check her in. 
Other stars who have been placed on a 5150 hold include Britney Spears and OC star Mischa Barton.