Miley and Liam End Engagement

Photo: Getty Images
Miley Cyrus, 20, and Liam Hemsworth, 23, have ended their engagement.
After months of rumors reporting of a split between the two, reps for both Cyrus and Hemsworth have just confirmed to ET that the engagement is indeed off.
Miley recently un-followed Hemsworth on Twitter.
The couple first met on the movie set of 2010's The Last Song and got engaged in May 2012.
"Life is too short not to be with the person you want to be with. I don't really care about the wedding or the piece of paper as much as I do the promise we've made to each other," Cyrus told Marie Clairein August 2012. " ... Liam and I have a really good relationship -- neither of us is super-jealous. We know each other and would never do anything to hurt each other."