Tina Fey Flashes Pic Of Emmy Nip Slip

Photo: Getty Images
Thanks to one vigilant Emmy Awards watcher who posted screen caps of an apparent nipple slip during Sunday's broadcast, Tina Fey's onstage wardrobe malfunction was the talk of the town this week. During a Thursday, Sept. 26, appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, the 30 Rock star, who won an Emmy for Best Writing, addressed the moment with a touch of her trademark humor.
"I don't think it's that bad," said 43-year-old Fey, who proposed that Fallon and his audience scrutinize the image together. "I brought a picture. We can evaluate it as a group."
Seemingly stunned, the late-night host worriedly asked, "Can we show it on our show?" before whipping out a photo of a female dog in apparent heat. "It's pretty bad," Fallon reacted.
Check out more of Fey's funny moments (Box Of Lies included) on Thursday's Late Night, below:
Here's Part II: