Lillo Brancato's First Interview Out of Jail

by Raphael Chestang 4:42 PM PST, March 07, 2014
Playing Lillo Brancato's First Interview Out of Jail

The Sopranos star Lillo Brancato, Jr. sat down with ET's Rob Marciano for his first interview since going to jail for a 2005 burglary that left a New York police officer dead.

According to Brancato, he and his accomplice Steven Armento broke into an apartment on that December morning "to try to score some drugs."

When off-duty officer Daniel Enchautegui responded to the break-in, a gunfight erupted.

"I was walking back to the car," said Brancato. "I heard a strange and unfamiliar voice say 'don't move.' I was startled so I turned around, and I was shot. I was shot twice."

According to police, Brancato's accomplice, Armento, fired at the officer first, striking him near his heart. Armento was then shot four times and is now serving a life sentence. Brancato, who was unarmed, served eight years on a burglary charge.

While Brancato does not feel as if he got away with murder, he does regret that his "drug addiction contributed to something that serious."

"There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about that night," said Brancato. "I wish I could change its outcome, but unfortunately we can't change the past."