Johnny Depp: I Want 100 More Kids

ET's Rob Marciano recently sat down with a newly engaged Johnny Depp about his upcoming film Transcendence, and the conversation soon turned to his much-talked about engagement ring and if he wants kids with his fiancée Amber Heard, 27.
"It's exciting to wear a girl's ring," Depp, 50, said about wearing an unconventional engagement ring. "I don't know, you know. It just fit."
As for having more kids in the future, Depp is all for it.
"I love kids. I have two, and they're perfect," he gushed, referring to his children with ex-girlfriend Vanessa Paradis, Lily-Rose, 14, and Jack, 11. "Man, I'd make 100. But I've got the easy gig, right?"
Check out the video to hear why his Transcendence co-star Paul Bettany's kids with actress Jennifer Connelly call him "Uncle Fun!"