Bryan Cranston Breaks Bad To Help High School Kid Get A Date To Prom

Getty Images
Bryan Cranston, best known for playing the beloved-yet-terrifying science teacher turned Meth kingpin on Breaking Bad, is a man of the people and a fan of his fans.
On Friday night, after a performance of the acclaimed Broadway show 'All The Way' in which Cranston plays ex-president Lyndon Johnson, the 58-year-old actor went outside to sign autographs. But one young man had an interesting request. He asked Cranston to help him get a prom date.
And Cranston, with all the gravitas and intimidation he brought to his Heisenberg character, did just that.
Check out the video for all the Cranston-greatness, and if you're looking for a creative way to ask someone out to prom, the game just got kicked up a notch.
Currently, Cranston is starring in All The Way at the Neil Simon Theatre in New York, and can be seeing in the upcoming Godzilla, which stomps into theaters May 16, 2014.