Chris Martin Is No Longer Vegetarian After Gwyneth Paltrow Split

by Antoinette Bueno 10:35 AM PDT, July 03, 2014
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It's safe to say Chris Martin is going through some big changes in his life since splitting with Gwyneth Paltrow in March.

During a recent interview with BBC Radio 2's Steve Wright in the Afternoon, Martin, 37, admitted that he's no longer a vegetarian post-Paltrow split.

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"I am not really vegetarian. I eat meat. I was vegetarian for a long time but, for various reasons, I changed," he surprisingly shared. "My daughter's vegetarian since she was born, so I keep getting tempted to go back. I don't eat very much meat."

"The honest answer why I changed is because I thought you can only eat something that you should be able to kill," he further explained. "I mean, could you kill a fish? I wouldn't like it, but I probably could eat the fish. But a giraffe ... "

Paltrow, 41, is famously strict with her diet, and told The Observer in 2013 that she hasn't eaten red meat in two decades -- and that she was actually inspired to do so by Leonardo DiCaprio.

"He was vegetarian and he'd talk about how dirty meat is and how bad factory farming is. I haven't eaten red meat in 20 years and although Leo's not totally responsible he definitely planted a seed," she said. "When I turned seriously macrobiotic, it coincided with my father having been diagnosed with cancer [in 1999]. I felt I could heal him by proxy."

This isn't the first time Martin's eating habits post-split have had people talking.

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In May, Martin made headlines when he reportedly took their children -- Apple, 10, and Moses, 8 -- to a Los Angeles fast food restaurant despite their low-carb, gluten-free diet Paltrow talked about in her cookbook It's All Good.