Rob Kardashian Responds to Adrienne Bailon's Anti-Kardashian Comments

Photo: Getty Images
The claws are out!
After Rob Kardashian's ex Adrienne Bailon took to Latina magazine to badmouth her relationship with the reality star -- claiming that the Kardashian label was "hurtful" to her and her career, and calling out Rob for allegedly cheating on her and being "disloyal" -- Rob finally hit back on Twitter with a simple message.
Rob re-tweeted his sister Khloe Kardashian's tweet on Wednesday.
Reading "FDB," or ‭in Internet slang, "F*ck Dat B**ch," it wasn't hard to guess who the diss was directed to.
The Kardashian family feud with the ex-Cheetah Girl star began on Tuesday, when Kim hit back via Twitter at Adrienne's blunt remarks to Latina magazine.
Adrienne and Rob dated from 2007 -2009, and memorably got tattoos of one another's names on their bodies – her on her backside, and he on his ribcage.
She has yet to respond to the Kardashian family’s Twitter jabs.