Kim Kardashian Shares Her Yeezus Picture at Outside Lands

by Rosalyn Oshmyansky 10:54 AM PDT, August 09, 2014
Photo: Getty Images

It's one of the very first photos of Kanye West at Outside Lands, and who better to share it than his wife, Kim Kardashian?

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Kim Kardashian went on Instagram last night to show that she was supporting her husband at his performance.

Captioned "Yeezus, #OutsideLands", the reality star showed a large screen view of her husband.

In videos from fans on YouTube, Kanye can be seen telling the audience at his performance last night, "This ain’t no radio s*it. This ain’t no concierge, maitre d' music, trying to sound as smooth as possible."

This the seventh annual year of Outside Lands. Outside Lands is a three day music and arts festival in San Francisco featuring more than 80 acts at the Golden Gate Park.

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