Why Mark Wahlberg Didn't Attend His Brothers Wedding to Jenny McCarthy

It was a family affair, but the entire family wasn't exactly in attendance of Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy's wedding on Sunday.
Sunday morning, actor Mark Wahlberg tweeted out his excitement for his brother's nuptials to the former host of The View.
Donnie responded with a tweet back to his brother.
It looks like there are no hard feelings here. The reason Mark isn't attending is because it's the same day as his daughter Ella's birthday party. Ella will turn 11 on September 2. Mark even posted the 17 second video he sent to his brother and bride-to-be explaining this on his official Facebook page.
Jenny's cousin, actress Melissa McCarthy didn't attend their nuptials either.
In Jenny's explanation as to why not, she told People that the wedding will be "very intimate" and "not a huge production with hundreds of friends and extended families."
Watch more about Melissa not attending Jenny's wedding here.