Beyonce Poses with Champagne, Complicating Pregnancy Speculation

Photo: Beyonce
This past weekend, rumors ran rampant about Beyonce being pregnant as people frantically tried to find video evidence to see if her husband Jay Z changed a song lyric to announce her pregnancy at their Paris concert on Friday night.
Known for making statements through photos, the 33-year-old singer is putting an end to the rumors with these photos from her web site,
In the first photo above, posted on September 14, she is seen toasting champagne with Jay Z. They had a lot to celebrate as they ended their successful On The Run tour in Paris on Saturday, September 13.
Although we never see her drinking the alcohol, there are two more snaps that suggest that she has been drinking.
To further leave this to your own conclusion, take a look at Beyonce in a swimsuit today to see if there is a baby bump.
Here's one more shot from a couple days prior at her concert in Paris.
Even though she was teary-eyed at the tour's end, she certainly looks happy.
To see more of On The Run, Beyonce and Jay Z's HBO special will air on September 20.
Watch the power of Beyonce in the video below.
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